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MENDing the Gap Between Fiction and Reality


by Dustin McManus

First published on Small Business Majority blog, on Friday Jul 18th 2014.

Mardi-Ellen Hill, creator of MEND

Mardi-Ellen Hill, creator of MEND

It’s not often that consumers gets to fully immerse themselves in, and become a part of, the product that’s sold to them. But MEND, an interactive story, is both an ambitious product and small business that seeks to combine fiction with reality.

The genesis of MEND is rooted in a fictional narrative written by Mardi-Ellen Hill, who conceived an entire business plan and company around the idea of an interactive story.  What she came up with is an operating system that allows people to interact with elements of the story and use the system to engage with those elements, such as a decoding a secret language that drives the story’s plot. MEND is a device that places readers of the story straight into the heart of the action.

The original book bible follows a female protagonist named Lily Barrington who’s family’s checkered past comes back to haunt her, placing her in grave danger. MEND is an invention within the story fought over by the characters and also the real-world product of Hill’s business.

The system allows readers and consumers to further participate in the narrative elements of Hill’s sweeping epic, almost like an interactive digital encyclopedia. Users can use MEND’s musical language system to decode the secret languages of the story and discover profound clues to the diabolical plot unfolding.

Hill realizes the concept is a lot to take in, noting that her biggest challenge is “articulating the difference between MEND, the work of fiction and MEND the real time operating system. MEND is both a work of fiction, and a work of reality.”

With the creation of MEND as a tangible and consumable product, Hill has bulldozed through the passive limits of storytelling, fostering a truly immersive audio-visual story that readers can actively participate in. And Hill doesn’t plan on slowing the expansion of MEND anytime soon.

“Taking off as a business is the exact stage MEND is entering now,” she said. “I always knew that after the initial conceptualization phase I would be looking to partner with a publishing company, a movie production company, a gaming company and private enterprise partners.”

Currently, the story of MEND is being produced as a script for Hollywood and has already been staged as a play production that sparked the concept for morphing MEND into other adaptions, such as books and games.

However, the most exciting part of Hill’s journey has been the evolution and innovation in technology that has enabled MEND to become a truly interactive journey for consumers.

This activity was a lot of fun, especially considering a lot of this technology did not exist when I first wrote the story. Suddenly much more of this story was understandable to a much wider audience.”

With technology continuing to catch up with Hill’s effervescent imagination, the sky’s the limit for where she’ll be able to take us with MEND next.


An inventor’s genetic destiny sparks a global threat – will you come aboard to join in the diabolical fun?


140526_TextStylist 01

The amazing world of MEND™ has a book series, film script, games, music, a blog and numerous other products for online and off-line content and immersive space interactivity.

A simple lullaby tune morphs/ evolves over centuries. The song has supernatural powers. This family tune can be used miraculously to unlock signature content. The characters born to the ancient Barrington dynasty spin map data from musical language into language we know and understand!

THE SKELETON SCORE, first book in an epic tale, is a story of inheritance, identity and espionage. Diabolical, and thrilling, the characters of the Barrington dynasty are driven by their innate talent and power to control the world. Enter the 21st century. Evolution brings mechanization into the character’s lives. Suddenly the dynasty is aware of the enormous trading value of their power.

An inventor in the 21st century motivated by revenge surrounding his own genetic background is out to share with the public, the most secret of all powers — a secret his family has kept hidden for centuries. With the help of a cousin who programs data and incidentally kills for a living, the inventor threatens his own clan, almost putting them to bed for good.

Inventor Henry Barrington uses two of his own children to show the public how a message-relay can extend all around the world in one nano-instant, a rogue signal that competes hands down, with the biggest big data online.

Only the hands of the real time public can make the final leap into the world of MEND™, and bring the invention itself to the next level… time is ticking!

Further links: Meet the Melody Makers | Ray’s Theme

WSJ-graphic_2I am thrilled to announce I have been invited to join The Wall Street Journal’s “Women of Note” network. Thank you to everyone who got me on the WSJ’s hot list.

The welcome letter I received included the following:

“…You have been nominated for Women of Note, an exclusive network of powerful female leaders from The Wall Street Journal’s advertising and marketing division designed to recognize and foster the continued success of innovative women. Members will receive special gifts and invitations to exclusive events, as well as recognition in the promotional pages of The Wall Street Journal and WSJ. Magazine.” Mardi-Ellen Hill

MEND™ creator is a new Wall Street Journal “Woman of Note”



I am thrilled to announce I have been invited to join The Wall Street Journal’s “Women of Note” network. Thank you to everyone who got me on the WSJ’s hot list.

The welcome letter I received included the following:
“…You have been nominated for Women of Note, an exclusive network of powerful female leaders from The Wall Street Journal’s advertising and marketing division designed to recognize and foster the continued success of innovative women. Members will receive special gifts and invitations to exclusive events, as well as recognition in the promotional pages of The Wall Street Journal and WSJ. Magazine.”
Mardi-Ellen Hill

A star must die



A classified sound file unlocks a labyrinthine route. The destination is within these Washington DC walls. Inside a designated room is the site of a protagonist’s opening book narration.

The instructions connecting the route to the narration are communicated by a child in code. Access to the highly classified file has daunted family members for centuries. Access is allowed only upon the passing of the protagonist’s teen daughter.

Read on to the previous posts. The posts will bring you in to a new and diabolical world. And tell you about the creator who invented it.


Controlling her mother’s allegiance with the stroke of her hand ‘n heart…


140306Hillary & Chelsea3

Political prisoner Lily Barrington surfaces when her estranged inventor husband’s specs fall into dangerous hands. Here at last is the proof positive moment for invention, MEND™.

The operating system inventor Henry Barrington designs, actually works. The dangerous hands are those of Lily’s own DNA – a child she has no idea exists is able to unlock the family source code. That child is used to identify Lily and kick off new mobile technology.

Using the technology, a user’s personality traits, ID and performance capabilities can be quantified, measured; sent anywhere on the planet for printing and archiving as critical data and content.

Lily’s allegiance and loyalties have seconds to take a daring turn that will affect us all.

Creator/composer Mardi-Ellen Hill is the recipient of two NEA grants for a New American Work. Over the course of her career, Ms. Hill has acquired funding from top funders and international organizations. She credits her amazing team for uncovering the true voice of protagonist Lily Barrington,
The first book of a series, titled:  THE SKELETON SCORE, is more than a thriller fiction book. It introduces characters that govern a world of products and mobile technology. The book series, accompanying feature length script, music and blog kick off the thrilling, future operating system and software design MEND™ - music encode decode. The MEND™ design drives all the elements that link this multiplatform work.
Read on… we look forward to your comments!

A dynasty’s master book holds the specs to a thrilling global operating system


The Specs to a new operating system are missing.  An encoded message left behind by a doomed young Star locates a dynasty’s master book of biz secrets.

The task of decoding the time-sensitive message will take the star’s global followers into a harrowing tale of romance and thriller action. This blog is dedicated to introducing a new multiplatform-property based on a fictional story.

The story unlocks a powerful real-time tech fold-in!  Read on to find out more.

Each instalment reveals more of the power play of this age old dynasty.

A crowd ignites the MEND™ protoype



A star with an important message for her public has just been murdered. Her inventor father has disappeared. The message was intended to give an all important access code to the public re-accessing her father’s thrilling new invention.

Surfacing – a new prototype. The blueprint is hidden inside this master book. Access to the new prototype operating system, is ignited through a diabolical story. A family’s secret and powerful genetic code is revealed as it reaches the 21st century.

A family’s age-old theme song unfolds the secret of how the prototype works.  A star sings. Her voice is unmatched in beauty. She is the object of desire of many. One killer in particular has it in for her. It is jealousy over her earning-power. Her tune spreads through an auditorium like wildfire. Member voices of her clan come awake as the tune sparks their joined memory. An event in history, shared by all hearing the tune, brings the pages of their book to life. The message she is parting with will be her last. She is about to die.

As soon as her family song is heard in raw form, your contract with the original family is sealed. You won’t want to miss this installment. Are you in the family now? You never know…

Oh C’mon. It’s free. No dough needed here. The price of admission to hear the star’s final message, is your soul on loan for the night. Don’t give it a second thought. Gottcha. Wherever you are in the world. You’re in!

A Legacy – a gift gone wild until a new invention harnesses a family’s diabolical power


four cities 4000 dimensions

A beautiful young star is killed. She is a threat to many. Without noticing it she has landed on the family gift. Her innate talent is off the charts. Lucky for us, the star leaves behind her hallmark melody and a documented handwritten musical score. Her family’s trademark seal of four notes appears within the score. For decades in her lifetime, and centuries prior to her birth, no one person or persons could decode the seal’s true meaning – nor its magical power to unfold a secret trading route around the globe.

Enter the new invention MEND™ – music encode decoding keypad that memorializes the star’s ancestry and opens out a hidden world to the public. The keypad is found within an elevator that has circulation world wide.

Embark on a thrilling voyage from idea to product. See how this family makes, stores and retrieves content…

MEND™ Characters Hit Pay Dirt…



Scaling up the nano form into a thrilling real life saga is just an elevator ride away…

MEND™ uses a new interactive story platform to bundle and unbundle content. Embedded in the platform is a new and efficient valuation table, that can be read anywhere on the globe in real time.

To read about the model, how it began and how it works, read the posts below. The elevator you see in the picture is getting ready for a trip around the world.

Treasures of MEND™ online


Treasures of Mend_flat

Live Links to the above resources:

Treasures of MEND™On-Line





Bundling Content using a new platform…


130918TwitterAn alphabet, a fictional dynasty with remarkable talents and history, a secret code…

The bargain: you must enter a fictional dynasty’s fight to get hold of a powerful communication system: MEND™.

Read further and join a fun blog of teasers. It will open your eyes to a whole new world of global power.

Meet the Melody Makers – follow this link for a guide to the key players in this Barrington Family Empire…

A new technology: MEND™ – it arrives via a thriller story


WHAT IS MEND™- music encode decode?

130901PostEveryone knows he or she owns a personalized signature, right? Whether it is your pen and ink extravaganza, your stylish gait, your tatoo message, your texting imprimatur, your vocal cache, your unique model for creating content, the arrival of your presence in a room – your signature in all its forms – rolls out a continuum that evolves throughout your life.

If you get this, you are on your way to understanding the technology of MEND™ and how it will allow you to harness vital aspects of the way you alone process data and broadcast data.

Every human who connects to the physical world is leaving footprints of an evolving signature.  Yours is a signature that proves ancestry, ownership, identity and more. Your signature holds critical data that spells out who you are, and what you are about.

Why is it called MEND™ – music encode decode?

The dimension of music provides a medium in which one’s signature and identity can be hidden, archived like a banking accounting system and revealed at any later time..

As humans who act from a thoroughly unconscious and automatic realm, we give each action, a particular value, often without realizing what that value is…

Spoiler Alert!

An inventor designs a mobile network based on the genetic signature of his family.  He uses two daughters to show how a music score they unwittingly create on a iPad, unlocks the destination of a hidden village.  Inside that village the remains of an ancestor are buried in a music puzzle.  Until the 21st century, deciphering the puzzle’s meaning was impossible.  Computers have changed all that for a yearning online crowd. MEND™ access is dependent upon the puzzle reveal – a key that connects all of the members of the family.  The access key gives the family tremendous communication power. It is time for all of us to have this power!

Fiction Meets Real Time

Rachel Barrington lands on a melody that opens the family’s private music dimension.

The inventor Henry Barrington and wife have been on the outs. Their debutante star daughter Rachel Barrington is suddenly murdered. Someone wants to make sure the puzzle remains buried and MEND™ is closed to the public.  Henry must find a way to get the attention of his wife, Lily. Both Henry and Lily may soon be held as prime suspects in the murder.  Timing is critical. The puzzle that gives access to the public is dependent on Lily’s access to the family history.  Lily will be shocked to learn many family secrets.

To get her attention, Henry sends her messages using the family melody – everything from TTYL to LOL and more can be sent using this melody.  Wherever she is on earth, Lily must be able to hear Henry’s passionate call in order for her to open the village puzzle found in the first book : THE SKELETON SCORE.

Find out more by clicking on: MEET THE MELODY MAKERS.
And read on to contribute to the MEND™ blog!

Quartet For The End of Time…


A story of a thrilling and dangerous new technology comes to life in the hands of four people. They have entered a room where the power of an age-old dynasty is located. Within the boundaries of this room, the dynasty’s trade secrets can instantly be transmitted to portals around the world. An inventor with a passion, his young star daughter, her lover, a programmer with an ax to grind, and a deadly assistant with a hook into the public’s yearning to get the goods… she’s the one with instant hacking skill.

Soon all users and readers will be able to enter this operating system. Welcome to a new cross-media platform. The dynasty’s transportation system is a unique model for data encryption and language.

Of all the insidious fights and long drawn out conflicts playing out in this room, the nastiest fight is over the control of a young child. She has the means to understand and relay the encrypted dynasty language. Her notebook contains the access code to the inventor’s invention, MEND™.

The book, details the voyage of the dynasty language throughout history. It reveals how the dynasty maintains and preserves their original genetic routing- communication power. A hacker’s delight comes round, when the book is stolen. Bidding builds momentum in global markets. The value of the book is to be determined. It must be unearthed on a certain coast on the day of the reading of Matriarch’s will. Time is running out.

Read more: Meet the Melody Makers

Interview with Mardi-Ellen Hill: 930AM WPAT – Multicultural Radio


Mardi-Ellen Hill was interviewed by Diandra Archibald in New York City in mid June 2013.

This 9 minute interview has a planned broadcast date of later June 2013.

Listen and read on – you will discover amazing secrets to this new cross-media work.

Billiard balls of life score a home run in the Cosmos. MEND™ tells the story!


Listen to the music that will drive a tablet video…

A genetic loop of colliding tones unfolds on earth. A melody surfaces. It traces the story of a civilization’s rise and fall.

Read on. Find out how this civilization is saved by a new and dynamic tool called MEND™!

Transmedia and MEND™. New Stakes in a Global World

Mardi Ellen Hill

Mardi Ellen Hill – MEND™ Creator

MEND™ is a new tool kit of technology. The invention is introduced via a launchpad story for the age of social media.

THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD saga, tells the story of the hidden history of the world, of the hidden order that underlies the visible, and of the family whose special perceptions and powers have used the hidden order to shape the world’s history.

Always there have been the Barringtons – not under that name alone but under many, from the start of human history to the present. A specially gifted genetic line, they alone know the hidden order beneath the visible – an order of sound, of power, which is vast and almost entirely hidden from the rest of us. The family’s internal conflicts are written large in the history of the world.

THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD saga begins with the prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE. Events in the present and near future unfold a tale that goes back in time over several books. Each volume deepens the meaning of future events and the final volume culminates in the events that began it all – inventor, Henry Barrington’s simultaneous discovery of the Barrington secrets and his own.

The stakes are climbing. Henry’s invention finds its way to his daughter Rachel and a secret love child in Paris. His own office explodes. Rachel is killed. Her untimely death hits the airwaves. Without their tools we are hostages and helpless in a family war; a war with a long history set to climax now. We need their tools. Risk finds reward when we uncover their magic.

MEND™ – Streams Data into Instant Content

Stylist 01


Here’s a slice of life in the day of the STAR, Rachel Barrington.

In the fictional saga, THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD, the dynamic new user based technology, MEND™ emerges in the first book: THE SKELETON SCORE.  Rachel has just gotten off the stage. At her all-night celebration party, she dishes to her stylist about a fun iPad game she has been playing with a young child in Paris. It seems Rachel’s new song is a product of a back and forth conversation with this young child. Rachel though, has claimed the song as her own.

Unfortunately Rachel is about to make her way home for the last time.  Her stylist, sent to disrupt Rachel’s success, has just found the unfinished MEND™ board. She is rounding up the killer who will find Rachel’s score and input the access code that everyone has been waiting for… except there will be one problem…

Since Rachel never finished her score, the killer will be off the track until the young child’s diary of character/portal access is found.  The Barringtons have an internal time clock that keeps their family tune moving around the globe, until someone who is truly vested with the access-code knowledge stops the clock.

What was once a family fight is about to explode into a global fight for MEND™ membership access and ownership.

Find out more about the Barrington dynasty and the fight to control MEND™ by clicking on MEET THE MELODY MAKERS.

MEND™ Propulsion and the money note

Charles, Jack & Henry

Jack, Henry & Charles

Three men steeped in a dynasty fight over the new invention, MEND™ musical encode decode come together for a fun-lovin’ party moment of thrill and excitement.  In a matter of seconds, the inventor Henry Barrington’s office explodes.  His star daughter Rachel is on her way home.

One of these men, a programmer, is in a fight with her father. He’s been dating Rachel. Soon he will be right behind her. He wants her to sing four particular notes that will ignite the access code to the MEND™ keypad.  He doesn’t believe that she does not know what they are. Out of rage he ends her young life.

The saga THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD tells the story of Rachel’s amazing vocal ancestry and the secret village of Vaugirard where a map exists with the incredible acoustic markings of her signature family voice.  The corporate family voice has a trading scheme that works the globe. Now that Rachel is dead, the route is inaccessible until a new portal access is found…

Click on the prequel book THE SKELETON SCORE. Find out how the map works!  Lily Barrington wife of the inventor will show you how you can get MEND™ tools that propel you through the dynasty world. See how the Barrington clan stores their data using MEND™ memory. With Rachel gone, the next child in line will surface to tell her part of the saga.  Once inside this magic, the Barringtons will possess you forever…

Infrared Carpet Anyone?

Matriarch & granddaughter

Rachel & Rose on the red carpet

Together these women, Matriarch and granddaughter Rachel Barringon hold a secret about the dangerous power of a dynasty. A child hidden overseas has their fate in her hands.  The SPELL OF VAUGIRARD is an epic tale about an ancient family with magnificent talent, a talent so grand it rips the family apart in the 21st century.

Click on the prequel book THE SKELETON SCORE to glimpse into the lives of these players. Their momentary misfortune turns into our fortune –as we make use of a new technology MEND™ – musical encode decode. MEND™ is a tool for the 21st century –a keypad that will be used in a virtual elevator, an iPhone, an iPad and be adaptable to all mobile technology.  The keypad module will unlock the dynasty’s secret language in Chapter One of the prequel book.

Don’t miss Rachel’s A-List party scene next!  You’re invited!  A special elevator with a MEND™ keypad will open into the room and lock in data that will be archived in the family vault.

A Transporter Room Lifts Off a Billion Year Secret


A Party scene in the book THE SKELETON SCORE reveals the power of a new technology MEND™ – musical-encode-decode.  Star, Rachel Barrington is stepping off the stage. Donned in her everyday clothes, she appears at a green room A-list event.  Rachel is at the top of her game. Her majestic voice instantly touches people. Hers is a voice so dazzling, anyone can feel as if she is an intimate lover.  Rachel comes from a family with top government secrets. A stylist friend slips into the room. She gets in without proper security.  Snap goes our iPhones and iPads. This very picture will be used as prime evidence in a murder that solves a billion year mystery.

Come aboard. The entrance of the family Matriarch is awaited by all. This is a sneak preview “By Invitation only, Rose Barrington event.”
To find out more about Rachel’s dynamic family and the who’s who – click on MEET THE MELODY MAKERS.

Casting a Global Spell – a Plot Summary


A Plot Summary: THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD  unlocks a real deal 21st century technology.

Global SpellTHE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD is a thriller sci-fi science epic that utilizes storytelling to engage audiences in a fun technology, MEND™ – musical encode decode. The story spans several generations of a powerful dynasty. The family has a volatile secret about to impact our 21st century world.

The prequel book is entitled: THE SKELETON SCORE. It is 175 pages. The story is narrated by the protagonist, Lily Barrington. Lily finds herself at the center of a family fight. The fight is over the valuable estate of her mother – in law, the matriarch Rose Barrington. As we learn about the characters, a Dickens-like story of combat unfolds. The dynasty wields tremendous power in the global world. Rose’s son Henry Barrington has invented a new technology. The new technology is based on the family’s ability to trade internationally. Their mysterious power stems from a musical puzzle buried in their ancestral village. As the narrative opens, centuries of urban development have blanketed the original ancestral village. The MEND™ Device is programmed to restore the original village structure and its significance. Rose who has many affairs to protect, uncovers a plot involving her estate. Her ability to retain control, as she turns over her power will test her mettle and stamina. The technology is at great risk for ill-use.

The public gets wind of the family’s fight when the daughter of Lily and Henry, Rachel Barrington is murdered . Rachel is an 18-year-old star making a name for herself on the world stage. Her death prompts the media to leak volatile details of the unfinished invention. The leak ups the ante of the fight. News travels with lightening speed. It casts suspicion on the many motives of the family members. As her daughter dies, Lily Barrington becomes the prime suspect and fall guy for a family unable to face lies that have followed them for centuries. Lily is in mortal danger. Her life hinges on the need for the players to keep her alive long enough to get the key that will open the startling village power. Lily’s memory is ignited by the tune left behind by Rachel, “Rae’s Theme“. Her signature song leads us back to the old village, and unlocks the puzzle for generations to come.

Mardi-Ellen Hill is a composer, author and playwright. In the 1990s she was awarded two NEA grants for a new American work in Opera Music theatre. In the last decade she has won many other prestigious awards. The new narrative platform and technology MEND™ is founded on her award-winning play “VAUGIRARD.”

Read an article describing the journey unlocking the path to MEND™, written prior to the full development of MEND™. It is now complete.

Our Globe, A Puzzle Enfolded In One Frame


THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD is an epic saga. The prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE reveals the powers of an ancient dynasty. In the middle ages a crime takes place. A child discloses a family secret. He is quartered and buried at a certain time of day. The parts of the body form a puzzle, a prophesy embedded in the soil of the village of Vaugirard. The body takes shape and the prophesy can be read ONLY when the sun is at a certain angle.

The prophesy surrounds a 21st century technology, MEND™ – musical encode decode. MEND™ can unlock this city’s secrets, and shows us how the earth works a global conversation out of a hidden route in one powerful city.

This child, in this frame is a direct descendant of the child quieted for telling a tale of a family’s global work force. Will she be quieted too?!

Her diary, contains a hotbed of sexy human entanglements. Odette has been groomed from birth to recognize a melody that follows the interior path of the city walls. She has fallen on the sound of a strange new voice. It opens the city gates, igniting MEND™’s volatile public access.

Without the diary of Odette Rae, we will never learn the origin of this dynasty power and how to use MEND™! What are the odds for her survival?

To help you understand how this dynasty works to keep their magic as global insiders, click on chapter one of the prequel book THE SKELETON SCORE. You can also click on the dynasty’s game play: MEET THE MELODY MAKERS

Hiding in Plain Sight – A fragment from the epic saga: THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD

Odette TogetherUpon the transfer of dynasty power, a young child becomes a deadly weapon in a global fight over a new interactive global tool.  Odette Rae is inscribing a message in her notebook that can only be revealed in Washington D.C. Will her decoded message make it to its destination?  Her NY relative, the star, Rachel Barrington has just been strangled for stumbling on the same string of data.
Until this day, the Barrington ancestral data was hidden as a puzzle, along the famed Rue de Vaugirard in Paris, France. Suddenly the puzzle is coming alive in the city, forming a secret pattern, a trademark that can be read and duplicated on any mobile device, by any Barrington character.
To find out more about the dance of this dynasty’s trademark data, texting round the world, open chapter one in the prequel book THE SKELETON SCORE.  Find out about the U.S. fight for ownership over this new and dynamic technology, MEND™ – musical encode decode.

Rachel Barrington, Star in the prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE is the smoking gun.. She holds the secret pathway to the dynasty’s interactive technology: MEND™


IF YOU ARE AN INTERESTED BUYER / INVESTOR / PUBLISHER – I invite you to join me in a wonderful excursion by previewing our deck.. You will be able to get aboard the family elevator as it opens out into the various cites where the Barringtons trade and where their history was made.  You will be able to visit their special portals – vault, arcade, garden, harbor and palace. See how they manufacture product… and… how the family of characters operates to preserve their special world… and how a psychological thriller book series has a secret mission as manual for the future! Contact me:

Rachel&RoseWithExplosionFor all of you who are new to this blog & those who have been following, here’s a scene that shows how the STAR singer in the epic saga, THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD powers up the force of her ancestry in a grand auditorium filled with with her devoted A-listers and relatives.

A compass that is a specialized MEND™ – musical encode decode tool – is reading and transforming all the performance data in the hall. Rachel is receiving her inheritance from her Matriarch grand-mère, Rose.  Rose Barrington is sending her a hidden message, that Rachel needs to understand as her own personal signature tag on her own song. If Rachel completes the phrase and fulfills her secret prophesy, she will compromise MEND™ security and open the family vault…

Rachel misses her mark. It is a close call. The star can’t seem to remember the four note passage that Rose passes to her. We can watch and soon partake in mobilizing her data. It is sifted and sent through several MEND™ portals for future use of her power. But then her real human form is hunted down soon after she leaves the auditorium, so that her personal signature ID, an address of her doll in the grand family plan Arcade, can be gotten before her life is snuffed out.

Rachel heads home to her killer. Meanwhile the compass forms a cloud that delivers the melody back to her mother, Lily Barrington, narrator of THE SKELETON SCORE. The compass/clock is stopped.  The vault is sealed.  Dynasty secrets are about to explode…

Everyone in her family has a motive to have wanted her signature.  It is a missing link to understanding how the powerful family began on earth in just one glorious day!

Child’s play, cracking the ice

"Sol Mi Do Re" opens the vault

“Sol Mi Do Re” opens the vault

The Saga:
A story about a powerful and dangerous dynasty. The Barringtons are an American family with a 21st century global business. A secret vault houses their history and their encryption technology.

Their Secret: 
A child in Paris has been programmed for the first eight years of her life to recognize and notate a musical pattern. The noted pattern turns the family estate into value in multiple territories around the world, at the transference of the family inheritance.

The Access: 
The child’s notebook holds clues to the originating microcosm of their gene pool. Their family structure shapes our macro world.

The Pattern: 
A puzzle and prophesy that appears in chapter one of the prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE. Four syllables of  musical solfeggio: Sol Mi Do Re opens the vault.

The Stage: 
The place where the musical puzzle brings the original family scheme back to life. As the star Rachel leaves her performance, she is murdered. She was about to write down this pattern.  Rae’s theme is left on earth for all global readers and users to follow in order for the family’s MEND™ - musical encode decode technology to be learned and used.

The Guide: 
Lily Barrington, mother of the star, and of the child in Paris, Lily is the wife of the inventor, Henry Barrington.   This sexy duo shares secrets you will need to uncover before you can ride on the thrilling wave of MEND™! Rae’s theme is capable of bringing all of the character voices back to life through the voice of Lily Barrington. But as you will see, Lily has herself in quite a jam in a freeze frame action surrounding U.S ownership of the MEND™ technology.

Scroll down for entry into the family vault.  Click on Meet The Melody Makers for a quick who’s who in the family!

Chess Grandmaster Bruce Pandolfini, weighs in on the MEND™ experience…


Mardi, What a wonderful excursion awaits the user of the MEND™ kaleidoscope. The Barrington saga, with all its mystery and challenging puzzle-quest, unveils a multi-verse of color, sound, logic, intuition, and evocative pleasure that can only be appreciated firsthand, by actually experiencing one’s way through its wondrous labyrinth. I love its play and I love playing it. Thanks for devising such ingenuity and rendering that voyage so engagingly. I hope many explore the vast terrain MEND™ offers on their journey to Star’s End. – Bruce P

Chess Grandmaster Bruce Pandolfini, weighs in on the MEND™ experience…

[Bruce Pandolfini is a chess author, teacher and coach. He was famously portrayed by Ben Kingsley in the 1993 film Searching for Bobby Fischer, based on the book of the same name by Fred Waitzkin. Wikipedia]

A Covenant Sealed in Ice


THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD is a cross entertainment media platform that chronicles the lives of the powerful Barrington dynasty. Unlocking the dynasty’s origin is a thrilling and dangerous voyage. The story itself introduces and propels a new technology based on the Barrington character’s private messaging operating system. The theft of MEND™ – musical encode decode, by one of the dynasty members, allows the public to enter the story. A news leak breaks out a diabolical twist of fate, surrounding the murder of a BARRINGTON STAR singer, Rachel Barrington.

The Cloistered Vault

The Cloistered Vault

The leak casts suspicion on the full circle of people who handled Rachel’s career, including her mother, father and grandmother, arch Matriarch Rose Barrington. Along with news of Rachel’s passing, we hear how her inventor father, Henry Barrington has modeled his new invention, on the ancestral path of her amazing voice. And that the invention has been held up for years over an internal family fight with his cousin, software designer Charles Hobbes. Charles is always one step ahead of everyone in the family. His covert actions, escape notice on this day.  Everyone had been awaiting news of the Matriarch’s retirement. Now the murder and the invention have taken center stage. As the prequel book THE SKELETON SCORE opens, Charles has quietly taken MEND™ and engraved the family origination seal in the elevator keypad at the hotel in D.C where Lily Barrington, mother of the star is staying. Unbeknownst to Lily, she is soon to be inheritor of the family estate. Only Lily’s personal entry into the elevator cab, and her own hand on the engraved keypad will activate the family private MEND™ system. The human transfer and activation of software meets hardware has to be a perfect match for the inheritance to be legal and fully messaged/ documented in the Barrington secret cryo-vault. Lily is set up for a trap – a trap for her to speak and incriminate herself by narrating one of the biggest plots the U.S. has ever waged in the history of the world. Scroll down to the previous post to see the elevator and how the messaging system works to light up the world with the U.S. message alert!

The Barringtons , their divine power withstands corruption…. a story about a hidden gift and a new real deal technology!


MEND™Elevator01_4loopA Scrambled Message travels by elevator, floor by floor, a four syllable message unfolds in different scenes and cities, until it lands as a full sentence in a hidden destination in Washington D.C  Access code to the new technology MEND™, unlocks the ancestral secrets of a powerful dynasty. Learning the dynasty’s gift of narration, transmission of message, and high powered performance is a shoe-in for the public with this App demo!

But buyer beware, there is a devil’s bargain for this knowledge.

Inventor Henry Barrington, known for his secretive maneuvers and one-upping his shifty cousin, software designer Charles, is the guy who has set up this failsafe test drive for the new technology MEND™.  It is a thrilling ride meant only for those who really want to know about MEND™ power and protect it. It is also a love letter to his estranged wife Lily in the form of code.  The App will take any reader/user/player into the world of MEND™ and the Barrington saga – here the world will be previewed scene by scene as the characters vie to unscramble the notebook of the wunderkind child, Odette Rae.  After all, Odette Rae has spent the first eight years of her life being programmed to reveal this architecture (blueprint) at this very moment…

** For those who are new to the epic journey of the Barringtons, please go to the sidebar and read MEET THE MELODY MAKERS. It is the game play that unfolds in the first book: THE SKELETON SCORE.

A world wide echo chamber circulates the tune and words of a STAR!


Teen superstar singer Rachel Barrington has written a prescription for her own suicide – murder.

Rae’s new spicy lyric is an aching letter to her current beloved. Four key words are embedded in the lyric. The memo tells of the existence of a family burial plot. The spot holds a secret to an amazing genetic link to our world.

As Rachel lays dying the media broadcasts the haunting tune and lyric. Reverb of the star’s words on air are so powerful, that eyes and ears are revving up all around the world.

Everyone is awakening, looking for the home base to Rachel’s bounty. Only her mother, Lily Barrington who shares the same bed of her daughter’s beloved can unlock the meaning to this memo, before it threatens to bring down an entire nation.

To get aboard open Chapter One of THE SKELETON SCORE and listen to the RAE’S THEME. A hot new technology MEND™is about to surface. MEND™ has a keyboard that will be used for personal USER toolbox interactive ACCESS. The public is coming aboard. Scroll down!

Paris to DC

Sneak Preview… MEND™ tablet apps coming soon!


Check out our App sneak preview! The Keyboard uncovers an old french village and a hidden code – the memo posesses a 21st century celeb. A brazen lyric she writes, uncovers the meaning of the memo and gets her killed – we get inside a dynasty’s madness and power!

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Be sure to go the ‘Flagship store’ post. The MEND™ Character Keyboard is the way into the dynasty’s wares. Get aboard from anywhere in the world…

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A dynasty with a flagship store enters our global era!


A dynasty with flagship store enters our global era!

Command Central is an Arcade that spells out a dynasty’s private logo. The arcade can trace products and sale transactions anywhere in the world.

  • Follow the pink MEND™ Trail in the ESSENTIAL VIEWING: THE MEND™ QUICKSTART at the top of the sidebar to find out how this miracle of invention comes to our planet!

Membership For The New Technology MEND™ Begins! Read the memo below. Post a comment to get on our mailing list! Going viral soon.


Membership for the New Technology MEND™ begins! Read the memo below.

  • Introducing a story about a fictional dynasty with super talents. They have a secret they carry in their genes.
  • The music made by this clan has a hidden logo pattern that repeats itself and surfaces, like a DNA signature over many generations.
  • Their John Hancock is a sought-after imprint that follows the trials and tribulations of the family.
  • A new invention, MEND™ – musical encode decode, suddenly finds its way to the public market place.
  • The invention threatens to replace the dynasty’s cherished spot, by allowing the public to find and reveal the dynasty logo pattern from anywhere on the globe.
  • Apps, books, film, blogs – all products are connected by the messaging technology of MEND™ !  You won’t want to miss this membership!

Post a comment to get on our mailing list! Going viral soon.

What is this?


What is this?

(Text version)

Begin by reading the Story Tagline! THE WINNING HAND and continue in the ESSENTIAL VIEWING: THE MEND™ QUICKSTART box in the sidebar…

The Greatest Mystery Ever Told… Origin of Human Life Unlocked… Advance Buzz… Big Stakes Ahead…


MEND™A dynasty has a secret. One of their own members is about to betray them. Competition over the new user based invention, MEND™ is coming to the planet. The invention reveals the powerful secret of this dynasty.

These chosen characters are connected to each other in perpetuity. Embedded in an epic narrative are 12 snapshot scenes. Strung together the scenes disclose a message. It tells of the origins and force of their interactive power. You will be guided through the first book, THE SKELETON SCORE, by the protagonist Lily Barrington.

BEGIN by reading the Story Tagline – THE WINNING HAND  and then… 

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